Rebecca Matsco, Chairwoman
Term: January, 2022 – December, 2027

300 Mowry Road, Monaca, PA 15061

Earl ‘Butch’ Shamp, Vice Chairman
Term: January, 2018 – December, 2023

226 Mowry Road, Monaca, PA 15061

Al Cwynar, Supervisor
Term: January, 2020 – December, 2025

112 Mowry Road, Monaca, PA 15061



Rebecca Matsco, Chairwoman

A Michigan native, I have lived in Pennsylvania nearly 30 years, the last 16 in Potter Township.  I took office as a Township Supervisor in 2010, just before Royal Dutch Shell announced its interest in locating an ethane cracker in Potter.  On our Township Board, I often have the role of “ambassador”, interacting with local, regional and global entities and leaders. I am privileged to have a voice in the economic and community development of Beaver County through the Beaver County Partnership, am helping to lead excellence in local government as President of our regional Council of Governments, and serve on several community boards and committees including our Chamber of Commerce, the Local Government Academy, Beaver County Community and Law Enforcement Coalition and Community College of Beaver County Foundation.  While the Shell project has helped Potter to develop as a community, we are also proud and excited to be on the leading edge of land conservation and recreational development efforts in the Raccoon Creek watershed, where we established a “first of its kind” Natural Heritage District in our updated zoning, that features historical and educational installations in a beautiful passive recreation context.

I have worked primarily in the nonprofit sector in business and program development, and faith-based leadership development. My husband, Mark, and I raised three sons in the Beaver County countryside and lived in Germany for several years, where we experienced concepts of sustainable development that have since influenced my approach to public policy. I enjoy reading and teaching, garden whenever I can, and travel as often as possible to visit 7 grandchildren in Pittsburgh, California and Hawaii. 

Earl ‘Butch’ Shamp, Vice Chairman

I was born and raised in Potter Township. I grew up with my two brothers, Jerry and Bob, in a house on Frankfort Road across from Koppers (now BASF). It has since been razed by Shell for their parking lot.

I went to Potter School through 7th grade (more about that later) and graduated from Center Area High School and Parkway Area Vo-Tech. My first “real” job was at St. Joe.

In 1980 I moved to Florida, working in construction. I got my Contractor License there and built hundreds of custom single family homes during the “boom years” in the West Palm Beach area.

I moved back to Pennsylvania in 1995 and married my high school sweetheart, gaining two teenage step sons. We built a house and moved back into Potter Township in 1996 where we raised our three sons; Ben, Jake, and Zack. I own and operate my own construction company.

My first remembrance of local politics was in the1970s when Potter Township put up a good fight to maintain their local school but ultimately lost the battle. Potter School District merged with Center, costing me and my six fellow classmates our opportunity to sit on the stage at Potter School and drink a Coke during our graduation ceremony. So once again, I would like to thank the Township for righting such a grievous wrong and giving us our graduation (and Coke) during the Centennial Celebration!

My first opportunity to “give back” to the Township that helped raise me was by serving as Zoning and Code Enforcement Officer. I am now in my 13th year as a Township Supervisor, which has given me a chance to work with so many of the great people who live here. We have made countless improvements to the Township during my tenure, and I’m gratified to say that due to good fiscal management from all the Township departments (general government, fire department, and road department) we did it all without raising taxes.

We are fortunate that each of our supervisors brings different gifts to the township. My business background had been one of my biggest contributions, allowing me to successfully negotiate contracts and foresee possible financial problems and opportunities. I oversaw construction of the Potter Township Fire Department building with Jim Gable and oversaw the construction of the municipal building addition and improvements. Al, Rebecca, and I spent most of 2014 in the conference room; realigning the Township’s ordinances to protect our residents, as well as the surrounding communities.

By far our greatest time and effort in the past few years has been consumed by the Shell Cracker Plant project and the “Tank Farm” project. I continue to head up Zoning/Building/Permitting with the Shell project as well as overseeing building projects/maintenance at the township building and Tank Farm area. I am the liaison to the Fire Department which continues to evolve; in both training and equipment, having added a new tanker truck and pumper truck.

I look forward to what the future holds for our Township and whatever role I may play in that. 

Al Cwynar, Supervisor

My family bought the Rambo Farm in 1946, renaming it the Cwynar Farm. With both my father’s and mother’s families living in the township, I have deep roots in Potter Township. I am a long-time resident that has lived in the Township for over 60 years. I attended Potter Elementary School until 8th grade and then attended Center High School for 9th to 12th grade. I also attended Slippery Rock State College for 2 years.

My first experience in the Township’s governments was serving as a Township assessor in the late 1970’s through the early 1980’s. My first term as Supervisor began in 2008. I am currently in my second term, which will expire in 2019. During my time as Supervisor, I have attended the original recap meetings, helped oversee zoning for future construction, helped prevent tax increases without cutting services, and served on the Board during the approval of the Shell project. I am also the liaison with the Center Police Department and also attend the meetings for the Central Valley School District Construction Project.

My family has been involved in the Potter Township Government since the 1950’s. My grandfather, Clarence Short served as a Supervisor in the 1950’s. My uncles, Melvin Short and Ted Cwynar, served as Supervisors in the 1970’s and 1980’s, respectively. My mother, Bernice Cwynar, also served as auditor.

In addition to my role as Supervisor, I work as a truck driver for McKesson Corporation. My wife, Vicki, has been a teacher for 30 years in the Central Valley School District. She also enjoys baking cookies for our township meetings. Vicki and I have 2 children that also reside in the Township.

Mandi is our daughter and Justin is our son. Justin and his wife, Nicole, have two daughters—Maura and Maren.

In my spare time, I enjoy gardening. Vicki and I also enjoy walking, which helps me to maintain an open relationship and rapport with the Township residents as we walk down Mowry Road.

I have enjoyed my time serving as a Supervisor with Rebecca and Butch, who both have the same vision as I do for our township.