Raccoon Creek Project



PA Department of Environmental Protection

PA Growing Greener Watershed Protection Program Grant

Project Identifier: 4100073998; Grant Award: $99,785


In 2016, Independence Conservancy (grantee) and Stream Restoration Incorporated (sponsor) were awarded a PA Growing Greener Watershed Protection Program Grant. The grant provided funding to stabilize 500 feet of bank on the main stem of Raccoon Creek. The project sought to implement key recommendations of the 2014 Raccoon Creek Region Conservation Plan: to reduce erosion, halt riparian habitat loss, lessen sediment loading and re-establish a streamside buffer of native vegetation. The project also sought to address an abandoned pipeline, exposed by bank erosion, which posed a hazard to recreational use of the creek. Bioengineering and traditional techniques were used to reinforce the eroding streambank, including grading, stone toe protection, rootwad deflectors, live-stakes, brush layering, rock vanes, and erosion control blankets.  500 feet of streambank was re-graded, while … (click the link below to read more)

2018 raccoon creek bank_buffer project pdf